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How to Use Apple Music to Discover New Music?

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Apple Music offers a ton of benefits for a reasonable price, and it’s even cheaper if you opt for the family subscription at $14.99. However, the main reason you love Apple Music should be that it has helped you find so much new music without any necessary third-party software tools. Here we concluded some built-in Apple Music features used to discover awesome new music.

1. "For You" Section

When you’ve got millions of songs to play around with, finding new material is more difficult than ever. The For You tab is where you can get tailored recommendations of what to listen to next.

Apple Music For You Tab

2. Use the "New" Tab to Stay Current with the World

But don’t neglect the "New" tab, which is another place you can find fresh tunes by sifting through the newest music available. Apple Music looks at what you like and curates accordingly, highlighting new songs, albums, and artists it thinks you'll love.

Apple Music New Tab

3. "Radio" Tab

Beats 1 is Apple Music's worldwide radio station and Zane Lowe its most influential DJ and music-picker. Beats 1 in general, and Lowe in particular, have a philosophy of just playing great music, independent of genre classifications and music label influence.

Apple Music Radio Tab

Overall, it seems that as long as you put in enough effort and time you can discover a lot of music you like!

How do you use Apple Music to discover new music? Are there any other features or tips that we missed? Please share them with us in the comments below!

How to Save Your Apple Music Tracks, Albums & Playlists Forever?

Keep Apple Music Forever

As we all know, all of the Apple Music are encoded with DRM. That is why all apple music tracks or playlists will disappear or become unplayable after cancelling your Apple Music subscription. Somebody will ask that is it possible to strip off the DRM from Apple Music and keep the Apple Music tracks, albums or playlists forever? The answer is “Yes”. Actually, there are some iTunes DRM Audio removal tools in the market now.

Simply use software like Sidify Apple Music Converter (Mac version/ Windows version), a powerful Apple Music Removal to remove the DRM. It simply takes DRM music downloaded from iTunes and makes them DRM-free. After converted, all ID tags and metadata will be kept successfully. When you convert one of those Apple Music tracks to plain MP3, AAC, WAV or FLAC formats, it's yours forever and won't disappear if you cancel your subscription.

Download Sidify Apple Music Converter for MacDownload Sidify Apple Music Converter for Windows

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