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Top 10 Best Albums on Apple Music

With more than 30 million tracks now available on Apple Music, deciding what to listen to is not an easy thing. Although the ‘For You’ section of Apple Music provides you with albums and playlists based on your defined preferences and listening habits, it takes a bit of a learning curve to master the Apple Music's recommendation system. There are lots of options out there, and here we've compiled a list of some of the best and most notable Albums on Apple Music that are worth checking out.

Of Dirt and Grace

No.1 Air for Free

Artist: Relient K

Genre: Alternative rock, pop rock, Christian rock, Christian alternative rock

Released Date: Jul 22, 2016


We're All Somebody from Somewhere Album

No.2 We're All Somebody from Somewhere

Artist: Steven Tyler

Genre: Country

Released Date: Jul 15, 2016


Number Ones Album

No.3 Number Ones

Artist: Michael Jackson

Genre: Pop/Rock

Released Date: Nov 14, 2003


Hard Love Album

No.4 Hard Love


Genre: Rock

Released Date: Jul 15, 2016


NOW That's What I Call Music Album

No.5 NOW That's What I Call Music

Artist: Various Artists

Genre: Pop

Released Date: Feb 05, 2016


Traveller Album

No.6 Traveller

Artist: Chris Stapleton

Genre: Country, Rock, Southern Rock, Contemporary Country

Released Date: May 05, 2015


This Is Acting Album

No.7 This Is Acting

Artist: Sia

Genre: Pop/Rock

Released Date: Jan 29, 2016


1989 Album

No.8 1989

Artist: Taylor Swift

Genre: Pop, Music, Rock

Released Date: Oct 27, 2014


Adele's Album 25

No.9 25

Artist: Adele

Genre: Pop

Released Date: Nov 20, 2015

Learn More: Review: Single 'Hello' in Adele 25 Album

A Head Full of Dreams Album

No.10 A Head Full of Dreams

Artist: Coldplay

Genre: Pop, Britpop, Rock

Released Date: Dec 04, 2015

How to Continue Enjoying Apple Music after Canceling Subscription?

Apple Inc. offers a free three-month trial for everyone when they first subscribe, whether you own an iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac, or PC. After the trial, you'll have to start paying $9.99 a month. If you have no interest in purchasing the Apple Music subscription - but still want to play the music you have collected, you would be caught in a dilemma. Because once you canceled your Apple Music subscription, any tracks you downloaded would become unplayable.

Apple Music Subscription

In order to help you solve this dilemma, here we would recommend you to try the well-designed Sidify Apple Music Converter (Mac version/ Windows version) which could remove DRM from your Apple Music tracks and convert them to common format for enjoying without any restriction. After converted, all ID tags and metadata will be kept successfully.

Download Sidify Apple Music Converter for MacDownload Sidify Apple Music Converter for Windows

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