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When Pokémon GO Servers Crash, What Can We Do to Continue Our Pokémon Time

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Since Pokémon GO was released on 7th July, the whole world has became a Pokémon world. Everyone is addicted to find Pokemon and catch them. Even rise a new phenomenon called Pokémon Go phenomenon. There is no doubt that Pokémon GO is a very successful mobile phone game this year.

Pokemon GO

Remember the 90s, kids growing up back then played Pokémon video games on their Game Boy handhelds, watched Pokémon cartoons as well as movies and battled it out with Pokémon cards during their lunch breaks at school. Pokémon has been around us for over 20 years!

Generations of Pokemon

Due to many reasons, Pokemon GO servers crashed many times recently. So if you don't want to stop your Pokemon time during this period , you can enjoy some Pokemon tracks to bring back your memory. Of course, it will be more fun to catch Pokemon when listening their songs.

Following is the list of Pokemon album found in Apple Music:

Pokémon  2.B.A. Master June 29, 1999 Pokémon 2.B.A. Master
Totally Pokémon January 23, 2001 Totally Pokémon
Pokémon Christmas Bash October 9, 2001 Pokémon Christmas Bash
Pokémon X: Ten Years of Pokémon March 27, 2007 Pokémon X: Ten Years of Pokémon

How to Keep Apple Music Forever?

If you want to save these songs downloaded from Apple Music, you can try our Sidify Apple Music Converter.

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Download Sidify Apple Music Converter for MacDownload Sidify Apple Music Converter for Windows

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