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Top 6 Hidden Features of Spotify

Are you a fan of Spotify and you have been using it for years? If you're one of those 574 million users in the world who uses Spotify, you must be very familiar with the basic function of the Spotify program. We all know that Spotify has been updating their desktop and mobile app regularly to make their program competitive so far, but did you know that there are quite many hidden features that you don’t normally see or use, but they could be very useful at some circumstances? This article is going to lead you to explore more amazing parts of Spotify, which you will want to see them for your future uses for sure.

Top Hidden Features of Spotify

1. Recover Deleted Playlists

Have you ever been bothered by the tracks which are mistakenly deleted? Sometimes you might accidentally lose your favorite songs or playlists from a mass empty operation, and mourning the loss of the soundtrack by mistake. Remember, you can recover the deleted playlists by simply going to your Account Settings and select the “recover playlists” feature to get back every single composition you thought that have been lost forever.

2. Podcasts & Audiobooks

Some people probably thought that Spotify is a music stream program only, but Spotify offers many great podcasts and audiobooks as well. All you have to do is search for your podcast, find the episode you want, and start listening. This feature doesn’t seem to be very surprising and it is very easy to use, but there are very few people knowing it, a lot of Spotify users tend to search podcasts elsewhere despite there are a lot of podcasts and audiobooks available within the Spotify app.

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3. Set the Sound Quality

Do you think that the quality of each song you listen to in Spotify is set automatically and cannot be changed? If that’s the case, you are wrong. Even you are a premium user, the sound quality isn’t set to the best quality itself, which you will need to adjust on your own. Simply go to your settings and choose from a menu of options ranging from “normal quality” up to “high quality” (see the instructions below). But remember, high quality will cost more data usage, which might not be a good idea to launch this “feature” if your cellular data isn’t sufficient.

  • Open Spotify Preferences

  • Go to the Music Quality section

  • Toggle “High-quality streaming” to ON
  • 4. Private Sessions

    One of the great aspects of Spotify is, it shows full respect to the privacy of every user. While you might enjoy the diversity of Spotify, which allows the whole world to see your awesome taste in music, but sometimes you want to keep things just private. For that, all you need to do is click the drop-down menu in the top right corner, select “private session” and everything you stream in Spotify will become 100% private.

    5. Language Learning

    Guess what? Spotify is emerging as an educational tool and now you can get even benefit more from your Spotify subscription by listening to their language lessons for free. The Language Superstar channel allows you to brush up on your German, Japanese, Russian, and Italian. Although these lessons cannot be compared with the school classes, it is a significant feature for your premium membership and I'm sure it’s worth a try.

    6. SoundHound Workaround for Lyrics

    Spotify shows lyrics for some songs. Simply tap the Now Playing bar at the bottom of the app to expand it and you will see a Behind the Lyrics interface that shows the lyrics of the current song playing along with other info about the song. If you don't get the Behind the Lyrics for a song, SoundCloud is a great tool to help you fill the gap. All you need to do is install the SoundHound app and link it to your Spotify account, and when you encounter a song for which you want to see the lyrics, just switch to the SoundHound app, tap the listen button and SoundHound will recognize the song and start displaying the lyrics.

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