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Good day! Just wanna say Thanks, you really save me from finding music with 320 kbps quality. Wow! This is just so perfect. Your'e all amazing there! Keep up the good work. If I really have money here, I would donate it to you guys.

Reviewed by John Jeriel Cultivo | 2018-01-24

No matter you are using Windows or Mac based computer, it is quite easy to download any songs from Spotify to plain audios for backing-up or transferring with Sidify Music Converter for Spotify. It does a great job re-recording the Spotify DRM protected files with fast speed and very good quality.

Reviewed by Lisa Lee, editor of DRM Wizard | 2018-01-10

Sidify Spotify Music Converter is a lightweight yet powerful piece of software that converts Spotify Music into freely accessible audio tracks with a flourish. We were highly impressed with the quality of the converted music and that the conversion process took no time at all...

Reviewed by editor of CloudBT | 2018-01-05

I recently purchased the full version of Sidify spotify converter. I love this software as it allows me to get all of my tracks to practice DJ sets with. I converted a playlist with around 300 songs to WAV using the spofity record option at 320 kbps.

Reviewed by Arthur Greenwood | 2018-01-03

So easy to use and making my project work for Uni sound really professional!

Reviewed by Lauren Phillips | 2017-12-24

The new update has much better performance. thank you, guys... Sidify is one of my favorite apps. I hope it stays like this. 

Reviewed by Philipp Albin | 2017-12-15

Awesome program. Works like a charm every time I've used it.

Reviewed by Sean Parish | 2017-12-09

I was really excited to purchase this converter because the idea of downloading spotify songs straight to iTunes is just genius.

Reviewed by Yasmine Rifai | 2017-11-12

I am a music composer. I make Spotify playlist for inspiration that I share with my artistic directors, make montages of the playlists for the clients to give them an idea of direction. Finally I start writing original music.
All this to say, your software has been priceless in the early stages of new projects.

Reviewed by Vincent Freeworm | 2017-11-10

It is an absolutely trustable way to download songs from Spotify to MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC!!!! ^-^

Reviewed by RandomAir BGM‏ from Twitter | 2017-10-26

The GUI is if I must say myself pretty amazing and very easy to navigate. It does what it says on the tin and has been my go-to software anytime I need a track off Spotify for offline play, I would 100% recommend it to all music lovers out there and especially my DJ fam...

Reviewed by Aaron Levine from Facebook | 2017-09-18

I have been using Sidify for the past few months with great success, and enjoying the program very much.

Reviewed by Dan Goode | 2017-09-14

I love your program. Hope they can find a fix soon! Always happy to assist the genius team!

Reviewed by Simon Pius | 2017-09-11

I've just downloaded the new upgrade for Sidify and I'm now up and running again. Many thanks to the developers and keep up the awesome work with this great piece of software!

Reviewed by Rich Low | 2017-09-03

The Best Ripper for Spotify. It works as one would expect. Constant updates and good technical support.

Reviewed by Carlos Andres | 2017-08-31

This is the most amazing product and it works great I have over 100 thousand song titles my days on the road are never boring with all this music thank you sidify.

Reviewed by Ty Estus | 2017-08-31

I was quite excited by your application Sidify for Spotify. I have iPod Shuffle which I don't using because of I don't have time to mess with various music stores. That's why I'm using Spotify with my phone. But phone is not particularly good device when I have to run 15+ km per training. Your application is great tool that allow me to convert whole Spotify playlist into Apple AAC format and then put them into my iPod Shuffle.

Reviewed by Ludovit Cibulka | 2017-08-21

Downloading and installing Sidify Music Converter is a breeze and it might have taken around four to five minutes for the whole process to complete. However, there is one thing to note. The media converter requires Spotify’s app installed on your computer, which makes sense...

Reviewed by Aditya Tiwari, editor of Fossbytes | 2017-08-01

You can use it to convert Spotify songs to numerous formats such as MP3, AAC, FLAC, WAV, etc. Boasting an exceptional DRM decryption technique, Sidify Music Converter for Spotify is said to be able to convert songs at 5x faster speed. While converting songs, it did seem substantially faster than other Spotify music converters. Moreover, there will be almost no quality loss after the conversion...

Reviewed by Roger Dunning, editor of The Windows Clubs | 2017-07-18

It has been working wonderfully without a hitch and I even recommended your product to a couple friends of mine.

Reviewed by Zak Ridge | 2017-05-31

I have had Sidify for some time and found it to be very satisfactory.

Reviewed by Peter Scarlett | 2017-05-16

Your program is the best one available. It records accurately and quickly, and adds the correct tags and album art correctly. The other programs I have tried are very inaccurate.

Reviewed by Daniel | 2017-05-12

The digital sound is outstanding...
On my Windows 10 laptop, I have converted one of my playlist (142 songs) to AAC high quality files. This went very successful. Thank you for this nice program!!

Reviewed by Jos Massop | 2017-03-14

I bought the sidify because of it's ease & simplicity to convert song from spotify.

Reviewed by Agung Aldino | 2017-03-08

Very impressive program UX and process!
I really appreciate how Sidify apps works great convert my playlist from spotify to mp3 high quality file format.

Reviewed by Fery Ardiansah | 2017-03-06

I think sidify is a great idea and very well structured product, but it needs further improvement.

Reviewed by Nunzio C | 2017-02-18

Thanks to the developers who have worked hard, the update version 1.0.3 can say perfect than the previous version because the songs I get 100% of my playlist. Unlike previous versions of the songs that I can jump to the playlist list of other music.

Reviewed by Satrya Piningit | 2016-12-16

What a great product!! I purchased it last evening, and I’m so excited. Thanks for the opportunity to provide feedback. Your software is so great, that I’m optimistic that my observations may be given serious consideration.

Reviewed by Chuck Roberts | 2016-12-05

I am a big fan of Sidify! That's the best Tool currently available on market! …...Again you build a great tool!!!

Reviewed by Oliver Schindler | 2016-09-22

I used Spotify as my music player for a long time, but until the day i used Sidify Music Converter for Spotify, something changed! It can help me convert the songs on Spotify to MP3 file, so that i can listening to music more freely.

Reviewed by Mslonely91 | 2016-07-10

For downloading music from Spotify use Sidify Music Converter. It rips the music from Spotify but 5 times faster than the length of the song. I think this is the best way to get music from Spotify.

Reviewed by Coque599 | 2016-07-03

On the good side I can see absolutely fantastic potential in this software if the bugs are corrected. the conversions are of good quality and none of the created mp3's have corruption or any other poor encoding issues.
A truly great job so far, you are just on the brink of creating a stable/reliable piece of software with an extra ordinarily powerful feature set! well done, I take my hat off to you

Reviewed by Drew Wylie | 2016-05-25