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How to Sync Spotify Music to iPod Shuffle?

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Sync Spotify music to iPod Shuffle

Can You Directly Sync Spotify Music to iPod Shuffle?

If you search Spotify’s community, you’ll find dozens of threads about sync issues between Spotify and iPod shuffle. And you are not alone because there are many people asked how to sync Spotify music to iPod shuffle/ nano/ classic.

"not being able to sync the music I spent hours picking out for my iPod shuffle and being Unable to put them onto my iPod from spotify is very disappointing..."

"I am attempting to sync a selected playlist to my iPod shuffle and instead of syncing the playlist, Spotify starts syncing my Local Files. If I attempt to unselect the Local Files the whole program shuts down. If I then open it again, it has just started syncing my local files all over again. Please help!"

tips Right now, it’s impossible for users to resolve these issues, because Apple has never allowed you to sync music to an iPod from Spotify and due to technical limitations with iPods, only local files can be synced to iPod nanos, shuffles and classics.

Still wanna sync music from Spotify to your iPod Shuffle? The only way is to download the Spotify songs to AAC/ MP3/ WAV format with the third-party software, please follow these steps:

tips Part 1: Convert Spotify Music to AAC Format

Sidify Music Converter for Spotify, as its name suggests, is software designed to convert Spotify Music to MP3/ AAC/ WAV/ FLAC format. It legally removes DRM protection along the way so you can enjoy your accumulated Spotify music across different devices without restrictions, including iPod Shuffle/ Nano/ classic, iOS phone, Android phone, Zune, PSP, etc. More importantly, all the metadata info and ID3 tags can be preserved after conversion.

Get Ready: Free download and install Sidify Music Converter for Spotify.

Download Sidify Music Converter for MacDownload Sidify Music Converter for Windows

(Note: please make sure you have installed Spotify on your Mac/ Windows Computer.)

Step 1. Import Music from Spotify to Sidify: Launch the Sidify program and Spotify will be opened automatically. Then click" Add button" icon or "Click Here to Add Audio", a new adding music window would pop out.

Main interface of Sidify Music Converter

Now, you can directly Drag & drop a song or a Playlist from Spotify to Sidify program.

Add Spotify Songs or Playlist

Step 2. Once added the music successfully, you can click setting button to change the some parameters (Including Output format, Output quality and Conversion Mode, etc).

Tips: If you need to store the output audio into Artist/ Album folders automatically, please try to check the box of the "Keep output folder organized". Otherwise, all of music would be converted into various artist folders.

Choose Output Format as MP3

Step 3. Click "Convert" button to start removing DRM & Spotify Ads, and download Spotify music to plain format as well as keep original audio quality and ID3 tags.

Downloading and Converting

Step 4. After conversion, you can click Windows History Button button to easily find the downloaded MP3/AAC/FLAC/WAV file in the top right corner.

Find the well-converted files

Tips: Here you can also click "Share" button to burn Spotify music to CD or Share Spotfiy to friends via Email.

tips Part 2: Transfer Spotify Music/ Playlist from Computer to iPod Shuffle

Now, you get the DRM-free Spotify music, so you can sync them from computer to iPod shuffle using USB cable, Plus, it’s now possible to wirelessly sync these playlists to an iPod shuffle.

Note: The trial version of Sidify music converter for Spotify enables us to convert 3-minute for each audio file, you can unlock the time limitation by purchasing the full version.

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Sidify music converter for spotify Download Spotify Music Converter for MacDownload Spotify Music Converter for Windows
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